The Quantum Transformer Energy Converter
Harnessing Free Energy
The Quantum Transformer Energy Converter (QTEC)    
by James Palmer - Inventor

Welcome all who are dedicated to the advancement of Free Energy Systems for the benefit of mankind.



                 2nd Rotary Transformer Model.      3rd Model.  The early Quantum
   Shown here is the primitive 2nd prototype,           Transformer Energy Converter 1993.                    an early cousin to the QTEC.

Now for the first time, a device has been designed, built and tested which proves that there really is free energy all around us and is available, detectable and harnessable!

The same source that maintains the existence of an electron with electric and magnetic fields is directed thru a novel method to produce excess energy.  The Quantum Transformer Energy Converter (QTEC) is designed to convert this subatomic energy into macro scale useable energy in the form of electricity and/or heat.

Years ago, I realized that in order to develop a free energy system, it would have to act very different from ordinary energy machine designs.  And years later the QTEC is that different machine.  It looks like a motor generator combination.  Nothing could be farther from the truth.  It is not my fault that the looks are similar to other devices!  Consider this.  Edison, Tesla and Roentgen missed the invention of the vacuum tube diode, even thou they all had tubes laying around for years with electrodes mounted in them!  Talk about swallowing your pride!  The QTEC acts differently in many ways and will be described in more detail in the links and chat room below.  

The device was first publicly announced and demonstrated in April 1993 at the First International Symposium on New Energy in Denver, CO.  For many reasons, no further public contact was made until December 2000.  Now, January 7, 2001, I made this site to help introduce my theory and invention. 

Status of invention at present.  A more advanced (fourth design) needs to be designed and constructed if money and time allow.  The first three designs satisfied the proof of theory (Virtual Magnetic Shield Principle) and clear observation of the Output to Input Power ratio EXCEEDING the Input by about 238%.  The goal now is to utilize this over unity power while the QTEC remains self-operating;  that is, no external power such as a battery will be required to operate the device, once it has been started.  Another goal is to construct a solid state version that would have no moving parts.

What is needed now.  The models shown in the pictures were accidentally thrown out during a move and I found out too late.  To continue research a more advanced (fourth design) needs to be built.  I have not been able to  afford the cost to construct another model as of yet.

At some point I would like to offer parts or kits if I could find an affordable machinist to make the parts.
Any comments or suggestions are welcome! Please e-mail your interests.  Thanks for your consideration.
James Palmer
New Port Richey, FL 

THIS WEBSITE IS OBSOLETE.  Please see my new website for more fun projects, articles and papers at The Free Energy Researcher